Co siedzi w głowie projektanta?

Studio Insights – Wonder Cabinets of Europe to najnowszy projekt Marii Jeglinskiej i Livii Lauber.

Ma on na celu pokazać bogactwo oraz różnorodność kulturową Europy. Do współpracy zaproszono osiem pracowni designu z Hiszpanii, Szwajcarii oraz Kanady a efekt będzie można obejrzeć w ramach London Design Festival.

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Livia Lauber and Maria Jeglinska met for the first time in Switzerland and a few years later again in London, with a vast network of friends spanning across Europe. During their peregrination and work experiences they encountered many designers/friends with distinctive design approaches. Although Europe is undergoing an economic crisis, we would like to emphasize the strong cultural diversity and wealth it offers. They will present the work of 6-8 emerging design studios from 7 countries, based in 5 different cities of Europe.

Conceived as exhibitions within an exhibition – an atomized gallery space. Like small wonder cabinets, each designer will be given a large “case” into which he/she will showcase one project he/she chooses to unveil during the London Design Festival.

Part of International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012, and London Design Festival 2012

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